Improving Society through Chemical Engineering
Improving Society through Chemical Engineering
About GIChemE

About GIChemE:


The Ghana Institution of Chemical Engineers (GIChemE) is a non-profit organisation, founded on 24 January 2012. GIChemE is the professional body that connects individuals and organisations making an impact in Ghana through the knowledge and application of chemical engineering.

GIChemE was incorporated on 04 May 2016 by the Registrar’s General Department, Ghana and given the seal of authorisation to commence operation under the name “Institution of Chemical Engineers, Ghana”.

Our principal activity is to promote and advance chemical engineering in Ghana.

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission:


Our Vision is to improve society through chemical engineering.


Our Mission is to:

  • stimulate interest in and promote chemical engineering across all facets of society
  • foster excellence in chemical engineering education and practice
  • nurture the professional and personal development of chemical engineers and advance chemical engineering standards and ethics
  • act as a catalyst, engage with stakeholders and drive collaboration between government, industry and academic institutions
  • empower chemical engineers to leverage their technical authority with presenting a credible, engaging voice that influences public policy, sustains economic growth and improves society

Our Values

Our Values:


Integrity: maintain a high ethical and professional standard, act with sincerity and abide by the law .

Transparency: operate with honesty in our academic and professional work as well as in our engagement with society.

Respect: treat everyone with respect, embrace diversity, celebrate individuality and give equal opportunity to all and inspire each other to achieve full potential.

Sensitivity: care for human life and protection of our environment by championing safe and compliant processes which facilitate the sustainable use of resources and improves society.




The Ghana Institution of Chemical Engineers (GIChemE) is governed by the Board of Directors and the Honorary Council, together known as the Executive Council.

The Board of Directors of the Institution is accountable for managing the operations and transacting the business of the Institution. The positions on the Board will be filled by appointment or recruitment where required.

The Honorary Council has responsibility for steering and shaping the policies of the Institution and engaging members and stakeholders in driving forward our mission and vision. The Honorary Council will be nominated and elected by members of GIChemE.

The GIChemE Constitution is the main governing document for the Institution.

GIChemE Constitution – 05 February 2016

(This provides link to PDF version of constitution – it’s currently under review, I’ll send later)


Currently GIChemE is governed only by its Board of Directors, made up of:

  • Founder – a graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University of Cambridge, a chartered chemical engineer with 10 years of combined professional experience in academia and industry, a Senior Ambassador of the Institution of Chemical Engineers in recognition of the shared mission of advancing chemical engineering in Ghana
  • Principal Adviser – an entrepreneur with 39 years experience growing an industrial and laboratory chemicals business that supplies Ghanaian industries, governmental and academic institutions
  • Legal Counsel – a qualified lawyer from the Ghana School of Law who has specialisation in Human Resources and experience in the Ghanaian legal framework

The Honorary Council will be formed once the institution achieves enough members who meet the criteria for nomination and election, as stipulated within our constitution.




GIChemE welcomes into membership individuals working towards a chemical engineering degree and those with a chemical engineering degree or a related scientific background who are working within the chemical, biochemical and process industries.  GIChemE provides resources to guide you through your degree and enhance your professional work.

The levels of membership currently offered by the Institution are prescribed below.


Fellows: This level of membership is reserved for outstanding individuals who have demonstrable excellence in their chemical engineering profession and have made a significant contribution aligned to the mission of GIChemE.


Senior Members: Individuals with significant experience in the application of chemical engineering, who have the competence to independently design safe, compliant and sustainable solutions to addressing global challenges via industrial application or academic research.


Associate Members: These are recent Chemical Engineering graduates or young professionals working in chemical engineering or closely related fields in industry or academia.


Affiliate MembersIndividuals who do not have a chemical engineering degree but have an interest in addressing fundamental global challenges through the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Student members: These are typically undergraduate students who are working towards a chemical engineering degree. A postgraduate student who already holds a chemical engineering undergraduate degree is eligible to become an Associate Member and those without can be accepted as an Affiliate Member.


Membership is currently free for all levels.

Join us to get access to the resources tailored to meet your needs.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct:


We expect our members to be strong ambassadors of our values. We encourage members to not only live our values, but also be strong advocates of our values.

Any violation of our values will be treated seriously and investigated thoroughly and may result in disciplinary action being taken which may lead to termination of membership.


The GIChemE Janet Bremang Amoah (JBA) Excellence Award

The GIChemE Janet Bremang Amoah (JBA) Excellence Award:


The GIChemE JBA Excellence Award is open exclusively to final year chemical engineering students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

This award was conceptualised around the Founder’s philosophical view that society can improve if every individual takes accountability for identifying their purpose in life and driving this with passion, perseverance and the principles of integrity, transparency, respect and sensitivity.

It is named the Janet Bremang Amoah award in loving memory of the Founder’s mother who was an epitome of these values and who lived out her purpose in selflessness and dedication to imparting her natural talent to the development of others.


What we look for:

  • To be considered for this award, candidates will have to demonstrate consistent academic excellence throughout their 4-year chemical engineering degree.
  • Candidates need to provide evidence of how they have exemplified the values of GIChemE, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.
  • Candidates must be prepared to share their passions, the motivation for this, the expected impact and the steps taken to drive this forward.

Value of the JBA Award:

The value of the award is subject to the strength of the candidacy of the recipient and the evidence provided, in line with the selection criteria.


How to Apply:

Applications open in September each year.

We anticipate the deadline to be in December. The selection process will follow through the academic year with the successful candidate notified at the end of April.

Short-listed candidates should expect to be interviewed.

Application forms for the 2016/17 selection will be published on the GIChemE website in due course.

We look forward to receiving your application.